It’s Your Memoir, but Where Should it Start?

Sage of the South

Tough question. And you thought the toughest one was whether or not to attempt a memoir. Well, I’m proud of you for getting this far anyway. Figuring out precisely where to start can be a tricky proposition for some, and ridiculously easy for others.

Options1The key is to understand who you wish to reach and what you wish to convey. If your concern is family history, and not just your own role in it, then an historical approach is probably in order. Whether or not you break out a family tree or page after page of genealogical charts and diagrams is fodder for another discussion. For now, let’s assume this memoir is about you.

Fortunately, you’re the absolute expert on YOU! Where do you want to take this journey? Perhaps your career has been unusual, or has provided the means to do the unusual, or meet people the rest of us…

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