Surviving Airports (Part 1)

Cipher and Chance

Hey everyone!

So today we are going to jump right into it and get to another post about tips and tricks. This time I’ll be sharing my own tips for making the experience of airports more pleasant than it might be for you. Some of these tips are really simple and you may already be employing them in your travels. I will have more parts to this post as we go along.

I hope you find this useful and fun to read!

1) Set aside a pouch or a bag for your passports, identity cards, tickets and boarding passes. This allows you to access them right away when you need to show them and not have to rummage around in your bag looking for specific documents. You will avoid panic and confusion and make your journey so much smoother.



2) See if it is possible to check-in in advance or online…

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Chapter 2

Aoife Speaks


So this is what it looks like to look back. A blog sitting in cyber space that was once the epitome of the young Aoife Thomas. The journalist, the student who longed for a life in the city. Dublin was her cocoon and she was simply waiting to fly.

Then life happened.

There is a point where life becomes like a wave in the ocean carrying you in a direction you’re not even sure you want to go but that doesn’t matter because the wave is going to take you there anyway. It’s slow one minute, you’re just bopping along, it can be very relaxing actually and sometimes there is a storm that will carry you for miles. It will be  dark, bleak and scary. You will get thrown under the water and fight in desperation to reach back to the surface. You will feel like giving up and…

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Saving Me

For All Bright Pretty Young Things

So here it is, another confession, one more emotion to add to the bunch I’ve already set up here on this page. I created this blog to put some sort of thought out into the universe after I was stuck in bed all day after a head injury. I’m not exactly one to sit still so creating this blog was my way of chilling, I’ve been told on multiple occasions that I have no life. I am twenty-one, I live with my boyfriend, and three other people who I adore, and a small fuzzy puppy named, Brody. I work for a convenience store/fuel store, as a cashier mostly and do some writing on the side.

I work hard, and I am always smiling, but lately that smile has been a little bit forced  lately. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE MY JOB! but part of me misses writing, talking about…

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The Hills Around Luss

Team Odom

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take a couple of guys for an early, early spring hike around the hills surrounding Loch Lomond. It was their introduction into hillwalking, which is always a fun experience to share. Though the snow ended up being a bit too deep at the summit for us to hike the whole mountain, we still had a blast. I hope we get to take more excursions.

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