Profits vs. People

Left with Balls

Eric Schneiderman, New York’s AG, is bringing a case against some retailers for their questionable employee-related practices. The power of businesses to cut their costs and their pursuit of efficiency has evolved into a grotesque practice of “on call shifts” where the employees don’t know whether or when they will be called to work, therefore making it impossible for them to make any plans or even to know whether or not they will be able to pay bills. I guess the cost-cutting business majors “geniuses” at those companies just made an assumption that if an employee is not called to come to work on Saturday at, say 2pm, he will then turn around and just find another hourly job that’s just sitting and waiting for him to turn to, at a moment’s notice. Or, that while tending a McDonald’s counter, he’s incessantly checking his Blackberry to see if the instructions…

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Five Drawbacks to Working at Home

The Ten Second Commute

One of the coolest things about working for yourself is getting to work from home – there’s no doubt about it. No rush hour commute, no irritating co-worker rambling in your ear about their boring weekend and, well, Casual Friday has never been so casual – helloooo PJs! Still, there are a few drawbacks to working at home, so I thought I’d touch on a couple of my pet peeves…

1. Noisy neighbours

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a detached house, you’ve probably experienced noisy neighbours at least once in your life. If you’re out most of the day at the office then it’s not a huge problem…but for the home worker it can be a real struggle.

Case in point, a neighbour on my street doesn’t work and instead spends their days playing a bugle. Yup, a bugle. Better than that, the neighbour’s dog is clearly traumatised…

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All For One: Individual attunement to collective evolution

Desultory Heroics

By Mark Rockeymoore

Source: Sacred Space in Time

The energies of the day demand expression. Unconscious passage through life typifies the oceanic experience of the human family. One often seems more important than all.

The ability of life to provide exactly what is needed in order to challenge our ingrained patterns remains the test of self-awareness. Interactions with life in the form of other things and people – as well as ourselves – is reflected in the very cells of our bodies, affecting the aging process and self expression. Following periods of intense introspection and recrimination, often, times of outward projection into life and the world result. These times reveal the crux of our individual journeys, reveal the heart of who we are, the soul of what we’ve come to do, the spirit of our collective evolution through time and space.

There are very few who are actively aware of…

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Humanity before Religiosity*

Hwaairfan's Blog

Humanity before Religiosity*

”Whoever sees the crimes committed today in the name of religion will realise that the problem is the state of our humanity.”

Habib Ali al-Jifri and Shaykh Usama al-Azhari show that mere outward manifestations of religion are of little benefit if someone’s humanity is deficient.

After all, “the Kharijite who killed our master Ali ibn Abi Talib spent the entire night before the murder standing in worship until his feet were swollen. People like him perform the rituals of religiosity but do not possess the reality or receptacle of religiosity.”

Habib Ali also talks about his latest book, “Humanity before Religiosity,” in which he calls people to look at the state of their humanity and to build their religion on that basis.

English subtitles available – press CC on the above Youtube video.


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A Lesson in Selfishness via Gospel artistes Mary Mary by Denise N. Fyffe


Tina Campbell and Erica Campbell of Mary Mary Tina Campbell and Erica Campbell of Mary Mary

I have been following the Mary Mary reality show for the past two seasons and in this latest season, my spirit has been in disagreement with many of the situations on this show. Even though I love their music and like the ladies, still, a great deal, my once naïve impression of Gospel artists and preachers have been shattered by having watched both Preachers of L.A. and Mary Mary.

It is expected that people are human beings and as such they have faults. It is understood that no one is perfect; however, if you are a role model and leader in the Christian/Gospel arena, you should probably not have a reality show, if you have serious character flaws and some immoral behaviours.

Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell are two distinct human beings and where Erica sacrifices and gives selflessly to her…

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Enfermedades de Internet


Dolores físicos
Fatiga ocular, dolores de cabeza tensionales, debido a la tensión del cuello o de los ojos, dolores de cabeza crónicos, dolores de cabeza provenientes del estrés, por ejemplo al tener baja velocidad de conexión, o ver como información se bloquea ante uno.

Dolores provenientes de la postura, espalda, “la joroba”, cuello, tendinitis, “el huevito que aparece en la mano debido al mouse”, síndrome de túnel carpiano, síndrome de túnel cubital, tenosinovitis, bursitis, lesiones de esfuerzo repetitivo, síndrome del desfiladero toráxico, etc.

Efectos psicológicos sobre la salud
Cybercondria (sustitución del médico por internet, puede llegar a sentirse efecto nocebo (contrario al efecto placebo))

Síndrome de Munchausen
Gente que quiere llamar la atención haciéndose pasar por que les ocurre algo realmente grave en la vida. En internet ocurre con más frecuencia debido al “anonimato”, por ejemplo gente que dice tener problemas graves de salud o violación, etc. y esto puede…

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A Reality check that is needed for Humanity


Taking things for granted is something that we do on a day to day basis. Food is something that people take granted for Kids these days take a bite from a large pizza and dump the rest in the bin why? Too much topping or seasoning. What if I tell there are people who crave a crumb of food dumped. Every day over 60 million kids go out into the streets of India selling various things all to feed themselves and their families. Kids as small as a month old

A common sight outside malls and IT parks in India A common sight outside malls and IT parks in India

are used to beg from people to buy a morsel of food. If you stand outside a shopping mall in India you can see the perfect juxtaposition of society. On one side you have the people who waste their money on “stuff” to give them happiness and on the…

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