Restaurant POS Systems Streamline Guest Experiences

Michael D. Turashoff


The restaurant industry is making the switch to a tablet as a replacement for their point of sale (POS) systems. The tablet becomes a cash register, menu, and special board among other helpful tools to make a restaurant run more efficiently.


The tablet will provide real-time reporting to track sales and inventory. Rather than hiring a back-of-house server, restaurant owners can increase profitability and efficiency through the use of the POS system. Employees will have the ability to use the tablet while working with customers to place orders and then settle the bill.


A recent report from Software Advice advises restaurants to tailor their self-service technology towards consumers that are increasingly comfortable using self-service POS systems.


The survey found that 47% of consumers prefer to use this technology to customize orders, while 39% prefer to use it to split their bill amongst their dinner companions. Whereas 31%…

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