‘Daily Show’ talks pool etiquette in McKinney

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It didn’t take long for the controversial police use of force at a McKinney neighborhood pool to earn the attention of the writers and performers at “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

Stewart riffed on the McKinney police officer caught on video outside a pool party throwing a teenage girl to the ground and pointing his weapon at other teenagers.

Later in the segment, “senior Texas aquatics correspondent” Jessica Williams breaks down for Stewart pool etiquette for black people in McKinney, donning body armor under a string bikini — a “McKinni,” if you will:

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Paul Qui to open his first restaurant outside of Austin

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Jesser Herman (left) and Paul Qui tour the space where Otoko will be at the forthcoming South Congress Hotel. (Credit: Stephen Spillman FOR AMERICAN-STATESMAN) Jesser Herman (left) and Paul Qui tour the space where Otoko will be at the forthcoming South Congress Hotel. (Credit: Stephen Spillman FOR AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

Paul Qui will open his first restaurant outside of his home base of Austin later this year, as first reported by Food & Wine. Qui’s yet-to-be-named restaurant will be located in the Faena Hotel Miami Beach. The restaurant will join concepts from L.A. chef Gabriel Ask, who will serve as the hotel’s executive chef, and famed Argentine chef Francis Mallmann, who will open his first U.S. restaurant at the hotel.

Qui’s new restaurant is a partnership with hospitality industry veteran Jesse Herman’s new company Waterloo, and is similar to the duo’s work on forthcoming Otoko, the modern day kaiseki Qui will open at the South Congress Hotel in the coming months.

Qui and Herman are working on the new Miami Beach restaurant in close…

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You’re buying your spaghetti noodles wrong


For busy weeknights, having a good dried spaghetti in the pantry is about 90 percent of having dinner made. (Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Rough noodles are better than smooth noodles.

That’s the rule of thumb — or should it be fork? — when looking for the right box of dried spaghetti, according to a cook who bought and tested 10 brands, including gluten-free.

What noodles did he like best? The Garofalo sold at Costco and Amazon.com ($3.81 per pound), Whole Foods’ store-brand 365 “organic” ($1.49) and supermarket staple Barilla ($1.49).

The actual flavor of the noodles tasted varied little. Tasting naked spaghetti is like differentiating among various degrees of beige, (investigative food journalist) Russ Parsons says.

But the differences really showed up — and showed out — when he added the sauce. Everybody knows the best pasta sops up sauce like a soft piece of Italian bread. That’s where the rough stuff…

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Pat Haden to skip CFP meeting because of Indiana’s controversial new law

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Southern California athletic director Pat Haden, one of 13 members of the College Playoff Committee, will skip a meeting this week that’s set for Indianapolis.

Haden is conducting a personal boycott against the state because of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act signed last week by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. It’s been interpreted to mean that Indiana businesses, because of their religious beliefs, can discriminate against the LGBT community.

The NCAA, which is based in Indianapolis, issued a statement last week, criticizing the new law:

“The NCAA national office and our members are deeply committed to providing an inclusive environment for all our events. We are especially concerned about how this legislation could affect our student-athletes and employees…

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