Mount Asama

Little Bits of History

Mount Asama Mount Asama

August 4, 1783: Mount Asama in Japan erupts. The complex volcano is located on the island of Honshū, the main island of Japan. It is the most active volcano on the island. It stands, today, at 8,425 feet above sea level. The mountain is made up of volcanic rocks dating from the Late Pleistocene to the Halocene eras. The volcano was first successfully examined via internal imaging in 2007 when the Tokyo University and Nagoya University completed their study. They were able to create images of the cavities through which lava was passing by using muons to create a map of the deep interior of the mountain. The area is closely monitored by both seismographs and video cameras placed at strategic locations. The volcano observation station on the eastern slope is run by the Tokyo University. The last eruption was in early February 2009 and there have been recorded…

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