Happy Anniversary, Medicare and Medicaid

Be a Seed for Change

By CAP Action War Room

50 Years Ago Today, LBJ Signed Legislation Creating These Historic Programs

Today is the 50th Anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid. As we celebrate the landmark laws that changed the face of American health care, we also look back on the ideological opposition to those programs before their passage. The intensity of the debate surrounding the passage of the Social Security Amendments of 1965 is evocative of similar extreme language surrounding the signing and implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

In the early 1960s President Lyndon Johnson was met with heavy resistance in his attempts to push through the legislation that would eventually go on to provide health insurance to one-third of the American population. The calls to keep the government out of healthcare were fervent. Future President George H. W. Bush called the proposal “socialized medicine,” and Ronald Reagan was famously recorded proclaiming…

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