Yemeni Army, PC Destroy Saudi Bases in Jizan As Ansarullah Gains more Support

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The Yemeni army and fighters of the Popular Committees (PC) hit two military bases in Jizan, Southern Saudi Arabia, in retaliation for the continued airstrikes of Riyadh government’s on Yemen.

“The Yemeni army and popular committees destroyed al-Mamout and al-Radif military bases in Jizan of Saudi Arabia,” the Yemeni defense ministry announced in a statement on Tuesday.

Meantime, editor of the Yemeni weekly al-Massar wrote on his Facebook page that the Yemeni army and the Committees have destroyed over 200 vehicles of the Saudi army since the start of the Saudi aggression against Yemen on March 26.

On Sunday, the national Yemeni army seized back control over nearly a dozen military bases in the Southern parts of Yemen after heavy clashes with Al-Qaeda militants and forces loyal to fugitive president Mansour Hadi.

The Yemeni forces also won back 10 military bases from militants’ control in the town of…

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