Media challenges in confrontation of Takfiri ideology

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

The Takfiri current that has swept through the entire region has its roots in the first place in thought and ideologies. The media of the resistance should be more strongly and effectively present at the front of resistance to face Zionism and racism and battle with Takfirism and fanaticism that are the result of the misunderstanding of Islam.

The takfiri terrorists’ heavy dependence on media proves that they are part of a structure that had been built by US and Western intelligence agencies. The ISIS has more than 90,000 accounts of Twitter and Facebook in addition to 19 media production companies and an army of skilled and professional photographers and journalists.

The US controls 90 percent of the international media while the Saudi regime finances more than 80 per cent of the Arab media which, makes for a dangerous role that media plays…

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