Empty lives filled

Living with great expectation ...

What I desperately wanted was to be rid of the thorns and nettles. I longed for the cypress and myrtle.

It may sound like a strange wish. It’s from a passage in Isaiah, a book that gave me much hope in a time of desolation.

Isaiah wrote a great deal about waywardness, wandering, outright rebellion, punishment, and disaster. Right where I was. But he wrote even more about hope, joy, rescue, transformation, and newness—all good news for God’s people. And me.

God is a god of joy and hope and restoration and new life. While I can’t quote the entire book here, I’d like to point you to a sampling of His promises. Some of these words were for the Jewish exiles in Babylon, some are also for us today, and some look forward to the new country of our homeland.

If you’re wandering and hungry, I’d like you to know that…

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