Residents Want To Drop ‘R’ From Forrest Road Because They Believe Its Associated With KKK Leader

CBS Atlanta

PINE LAKE, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) — Some Pine Lake residents want the “R” dropped in Forrest Road because they believe its associated with a former Confederate general and Ku Klux Klan leader.

“Whether we know or not that it was named after General Forrest – Forrest with two R’s – [he] was a major Ku Klux Klan leader,” resident Sharon Sanders told WSB-TV. “I don’t think there should be any doubt honoring him. I think we should not.”

A petition has been started to drop the “R” from Forrest Road.

“I believe it to be a sort of a coded message about welcoming black people and other people of color in our city,” Mayor Kathie de Nobriga told WSB. “So personally, I would change it.”

WSB reports that all property owners on Forrest Road will get a vote to drop the “R.” The matter will go before the DeKalb…

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