Emailing Secret Information? You Can Now Send Self-Destructing Gmail Messages

CBS San Francisco

(CBS SF) — Google has recently released two new features for its Gmail messing system to prevent disastrous emails from ending up in the wrong inbox, and now a plug-in to ensure confidential information stays private.

According to CNET, the new Chrome extension Dmail adds a button in the compose window of your Gmail account that when enabled, lets you set a time in the future to destroy a sent email. From one hour to one week, this option is great if you’re sending bank account numbers, passwords or other private information that you don’t want lingering in someone’s inbox.

But it’s not perfect. Dmail says they are working on a feature where forwarding those messages to other recipients is blocked.

(Dmail) (Dmail)

Last month, Google announced an Undo Send feature to let users destroy a message impulsively sent — for instance a rage-filled email to a boss — simply by viewing a list of all the…

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