Thousands of Scientists Say We Need a Global Ban on Autonomous Weapons

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Unfortunately, people in general do not listen to scientists because scientists have spent years—decades—in study, learning about their specialties, so what do they know? /snark

Victoria Turk writes at Motherboard:

Autonomous weapons are the future’s Kalashnikovs, according to over 1,000 experts in artificial intelligence. Cheap, lethal, and guaranteed to end up in the wrong hands at some point, AI weapons are poised to be at the centre of the next global arms race.

That’s according to an open letter from the Future of Life Institute, an organisation dedicated to mitigating existential risks. It’s endorsed by thousands, including such household names (and outspoken prophets of AI doom) as Stephen Hawking andElon Musk.

“People have argued about autonomous weapons for years,” said Max Tegmark, an MIT professor and one of the FLI’s founders. “This is the AI experts who are building the technology who are speaking up and…

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