The word RAPE should not be censored for sensitive people! / How I forgive / Veggie stew


gwar, penguin attack, showering, doing laundry, how, you, forgiveness, forgiven, interpersonal, types, personality, focus, gratitude, staying, self-centred, centre ice, learning, the, lessons, constantly re-learning lessons, maintenance, perspective, revenge, positive, wanting to get revenge, plotting revenge, revenge-getting, finding, it, easy, ease, and, that, skin, calm, cool, coolness, collected, even, when, lady, colors, justifiably pissed off, steaming goodness, mad, being mad, getting mad, not worth getting mad over, madness, anger, angry, knowing, can, control, other, people, other people, revolving around me, reactions, them, fight, fighting, hate, with, hatred, putting time into lj, good, great vibes, vibe, the world, world, worlds, ability, abilities, hybrids, the life aquatic, kumar, combinations, mandarin, oranges, mandarin oranges, fruits, fruit, gretchen, low, australian friends, they’re not going to get us, going, to, shaving their heads, house, houses, reasons, you, not, being there, it, not, fucking, rockets, science, your, ecards, bad grammar, crazy, wtf, music @ work, hair, roots…

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