What are you doing with your hands?

Angie Fox

Seriously…. what are you doing with your hands at night?

Is this you?   1

Most of us tend to want to snack at night after we’ve  sat down to watch TV.

So, I ask you, what are you doing with your hands?  Are you eating, or do you have a hobby?  Something that you can get lost in?  A hobby that sparks your creativity?

For my whole adult life, I have worked.   When I would  come home at night, I would eat my dinner, workout, do my chores and go to bed.  There wasn’t much time for snacking and it was easy not to think about food.  After I retired, I had more time and found I really didn’t have a hobby.   I didn’t have that something that sparked my creative juices.  Something I was passionate about.

I decided to take up a few hobbies and find I love all of…

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