Shipyards Night Market

Just A Morsel

IMG_1904The Shipyards Night Market is definitely not your biggest night market. But it’s a great excuse to take the seabus. I arrived around 5 pm and headed to the night market. My target for the day was to try a few food trucks that had been on my list for a while. The night market was not very big but it had some interesting things. There were lots of hand crafted stalls and of course many food trucks.

Here’s the food trucks I had and some of the stalls I visited.

Guanaco Truck

Date Visited: July 17 2015

What I ate:



Pupusa Pork Platter

  • 6/10
  • This dish was disappointing
  • The handmade tortilla with pork is definitely an acquired taste – not much pork taste, it was kind of bland
  • The fried chips were really crunchy on the outside (to a point where some of them were hard) and the inside…

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