Pimps, dirty needs and used condoms in one Vancouver residential area prompts call for city action

National Post

Residents in an east Vancouver area say their neighbourhood is being overrun by prostitutes.

Ric Ernst/Postmedia News Ric Ernst/Postmedia News

Besides suffering intimidation from the hookers and their pimps, residents claim the sex workers are leaving garbage and used needles and condoms in the alleyways, streets and grass boulevards. Dark alleyways and side streets are being used for sex all night and residents say the problem is so bad they do not want even to go out for a walk in the evening.

Marcia de Costa, 40, lives near the Kensington-Cedar Cottage and goes out daily to pick up used needles and condoms with giant tongs.

She believes the needles are discarded by the prostitutes who often congregate in large numbers along the corners where St. Catharines and Prince Albert intersect with Kingsway.

Since the start of this year, de Costa said, the problem with the sex trade in their area has been…

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