Did Jon Stewart Yell At A Black ‘Daily Show’ Correspondent For Calling Him Out On A Racist Joke?


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Remember when everybody applauded Jon Stewart’s commentary on the Charleston shooting? Apparently, Stewart wasn’t always that enlightened about racism, at least when he was being called out on perpetuating it. That’s what former correspondent Wyatt Cenac alleges, recalling how Stewart told him to “f*ck off” when Cenac called him out on a racist joke he made.

As Cenac told Marc Maron on Maron’s podcast, in 2011, Stewart did an impression of black Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. After Fox News took issue with the voice the Daily Show host put on, Stewart wanted to respond with an “everything I do is racist” sketch, so Cenac told him that he also had an issue with the voice. This didn’t go over well.

Here’s what Cenac told Vulture:

[Stewart] got incredibly defensive. I remember he was like, What are you trying to say? There’s a tone in your voice. I was like, “There’s no tone. It…

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