A dinosaur has been found in this baby’s ultrasound


PIC FROM MERCURY PRESS (PICTURED: LEANNE SULLUVAN'S 20 WEEK BABY SCAN OF RUTHIE-LOU WHICH PECULIARLY INCLUDES A DINOSAUR) This unborn baby is a real tricera-tot.   Leanne Sullivan, 29, from Liverpool, had no idea when she went in for her 20-week ultrasound scan that the image would contain a prehistoric surprise.   The William Hill customer assistant, who is due to deliver her first baby daughter Ruthie-Lou in five weeks' time, did not notice the long dinosaur neck on the scan when she brought back from hospital in April.   The scan showed up just a month before the new Jurassic Park film, Jurassic World, hit cinemas and smashed box office records. SEE MERCURY COPY This unborn baby is a real tricera-tot (Picture: Mercury Press)

We must have missed the part in Jurassic World where a dinosaur mates with a human.

To us that’s the only possible explanation for this ultrasound scan that appears to show one of the extinct animals growing inside Leanne Sullivan’s stomach.

The eye-catching image shows a figure next to baby Ruthie-Lou that resembles a Brontosaurus, which existed in the late Jurassic period.

[metro-link url=”http://metro.co.uk/2015/07/24/12-year-old-girl-writes-heartbreaking-letter-after-her-cat-dies-following-prank-5310550/” title=”12-year-old girl writes heartbreaking letter after her cat dies following ‘prank’”]

Brontosaurus Has this Brontosaurus been busy? (Picture: Getty Images)

‘I really didn’t see at all until Jenny (her friend) mentioned it – she pointed it out straight away,’ 29-year-old Sullivan said.

‘But once you have a proper look at it you can really see that it actually does look like a dinosaur.’

OK, there’s another more likely scenario to explain the image than human/animal relations because…

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