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Day 6: May 29, 2014 (Thursday) Lokpa->Chumling

I am writing this from the balcony of our lodge in Chumling at 2,400 meters elevation, looking through strands of prayer flags to see the Ganesh Himal range glowing white in front of a gray sky.  Now let me tell you how we got to this gorgeous place.


We were woken up at 2am by a pack of dogs barking like crazy at some donkeys.  Everyone in the village woke up and some men, including Tek, threw stones toward them to warn them to be quiet.  We settled back in and got to sleep in for the first time!  6am wake up instead of 5:30am, awesome!  We packed up in our tiny cube of a room, ate breakfast, sanitized water, and set off at 8am.  The weather was gorgeous and sometimes even down right hot!  Last night, we were talking to Ewin, the…

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