Touring the Tourism of Tourists

Lukas Keapproth

A woman in high wedges, short skirt and crop top carefully traipses over rocky terrain outside the Theatre of Dionysus in Athens, Greece. The mild 8 a.m. temperatures keep her hair and makeup impeccably in tact despite the vigorous climb. When she reaches the railing overlooking the theatre and raises her selfie-stick high above her head, it’s clear she’s executed a perfect selfie.

After the camera counts down from five and the moment is captured, she delicately climbs over more rocks to make room for the next tourist. A man wearing a GoPro fills her place. He removes the camera from his head and twirls to show off the 360-degree landscape and his squinting grin.

In the course of the next few minutes this new technological photo and twirl routine will be completed dozens of times by tourists from all over the world. Some smile. Others gape their mouths open. And yet others stare purposefully into the lens to accentuate…

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