The Williams Tour Part 6 — Cloudcroft, Mexican Canyon, and back to El Paso

R. Doug Wicker — Author

Burro Street Exchange, Cloudcroft Burro Street Exchange, Cloudcroft

On Monday I gave you a little of the Lincoln-area history, with an emphasis on the infamous — Billy the Kid.  Today we’ll take a look at history more closely associated with Cloudcroft.  At 8,668 feet/2,642 meters above sea level, Cloudcroft is one of the highest villages in the United States.  As with many Old West towns, the railroad is what built Cloudcroft and it’s the timber that brought the railroad to this lofty locale.  In the late 1890s the El Paso and Northeaster Railroad reached Togaggan Canyon just outside present day Cloudcroft, and by 1900 Cloudcroft — “Pasture in the Clouds” — was born with the completion of a train depot.

"Cloud Climbing Railroad" “Cloud Climbing Railroad”

This section of the rail was called the Cloud-Climbing Railroad because the trains frequently entered into dense fog on the trek to and from Cloudcroft.  It was far from a safe…

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