The State of My PC

Abysmal 2.0

I think it’ll be easy to wrap this up in a very short post, if you want to hear me rant about it read the first two paragraphs in my post about Skyforgebut here it goes.

My PC is fucked.

I’m not talking about a virus or a dirty interior, I’m talking about what I can confidently state, in fact, after exhausting my options and narrowing it down to what can only be a power supply unit failure, that my computer is fucked.

What does this mean and why should I make a post about it? Well my blog is part gaming obviously, and if my PC can’t power itself to play games, then I feel obligated to tell you that there won’t be many game reviews or first impressions for a while. 

Why for a while? To put it bluntly I’m broke as fuck, and can’t afford…

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