Stanford University

It's Not Jenny

Stanford University (n): 1. A school where the first things that you will see are a row of palm trees leading up to the Memorial Church on a gorgeous campus. 2. The campus makes you feel like you’re in a different place. 3. Home of wonderful architecture. 4. Just 45 minutes to an hour away from San Francisco. 5. The school I wish I could attend if I lived on the west coast. 6. Stanford > Cal. End of story.

Crissy Field and Palo Alto_24Crissy Field and Palo Alto_28Crissy Field and Palo Alto_29Crissy Field and Palo Alto_33Crissy Field and Palo Alto_35Crissy Field and Palo Alto_36Crissy Field and Palo Alto_37Crissy Field and Palo Alto_40Crissy Field and Palo Alto_44Crissy Field and Palo Alto_50Crissy Field and Palo Alto_52Crissy Field and Palo Alto_54

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