shaquille o’neal and scottie pippen instagram throw down

The misterman's take

i  was   cracking up with the back  and forth. now  Shaq  tore it up

on that beef. and yeah the Lakers  battle against the Bulls

on the all time  front court  the lakers would have blown

the   bulls out.

i mean  Shaq, Magic, Kobe,Kareem and Baylor  against Jordan,Pippen,Rose,Rodman

and  Grant.

alot of  great players  involved.  one thing is for sure you ain’t gonna

go toe to toe with Shaq.  he  got his  clown on

and i laughed real hard and Shaq dropped the science and hard.

thing is  had scottie pippen won in portland when they had the lakers down by 15 points in the 4th  quarter game 7 in LA then this would be mute,however Pippen was always in Michael Jordan’s shadow and also he not winning this argument.

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