Love and trust

Photography by Alexk

Isn’t it sad that society nowadays is less trusting? A suspicious world is not a happy one. So, let’s work on that.

Love and trust is important, no matter what kind of relationship. It can be work related, trust with your partner or friends. Trusting relationships are successful and achieve more than non-trusted ones. Once you gained your trust, don’t break it. Some people I have seen, use information given in trust for their advantage. That’s it, the relationship is broken and cannot be fixed whatsoever. You will lose that person or if you chose to still be with that person you will never end up being happy.

Remember – breaking trust is negative and makes you unhappy. Be trustworthy and loveable to be a happier person.

One day it was raining a lot and a cute colourful rainbow lorikeet couple was sitting on my balcony looking for some shelter. They are cheeky…

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