KUALA LUMPUR : New Horizons


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It’s hard to think of much to write about a place you’ve visited 4 times in the last 5 years. As i sit by a resort beach-side bar, in an idyllic setting, occasionally looking up to check the view of pristine ocean complete with impossibly flat horizon isn’t just a backdrop to my wavering imagination, i ponder how different the next few months will be to anything I’ve done before. I’ve come to the end of a family-funded 2 weeks of comfort and close-company. Beyond is an opened unconfirmed itinerary of solo possibilities… Though slightly daunting, I have no right at all to complain. Having my brother offer me his Malacca and KL homes as a base and Air Asia providing affordable links, the menu is a rich one. Options of Northern India, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Chang Mai (Thailand) among others set a tantalising stage. However, before…

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