26 Ways to Get Outdoors in Houston

That Journey Blog

  1. Bike or hike on one of the awesome trail around the Houston area:
  2. OR drive a little and experience some amazing land features.Natural Bridge Caverns, Texas
  3. Watch the “Twilight Epiphany” light show at James Turrell’s Skyspace on Rice Campus: reservations required although free.
  4. Go birding at one of the Houston Audubon‘s sanctuaries.
  5. Play ball at Bear Creek Pioneers Park.
  6. Test your courage by wandering the haunted Glenwood Cemetery.
  7. Ride the Galveston-Bolivar Ferry–for free! You may even get to see dolphins.
  8. Speaking of free boats, take the 90-minute Sam Houston Boat Tour.
  9. Watch movies, play Bingo, go biking or partake in other events at the Historic Market Square Park.Houston Waterwall
  10. Go kayaking, do yoga, learn how to “bumba tone” or check out other activities at the 12-acre Discovery Green.
  11. Ride the Beast at the Kemah Boardwalk, stay…

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