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Hey you guyyyyysss!!! (Kudos to you if that made you think of the goonies!!)

I’m so sorry I haven’t written in forever!! I’m going to try to start posting more pictures on here.. I have some good news for you all!!! Or for me ! But I’ll write about that in my next post..

Here are some pictures of Italy that I forgot to post. I went to Trieste, Italy with a friend. It was beautiful. We stayed with an amazing couple from (which I highly recommend using while traveling) and got a recommendation to go to a restaurant in town. We went and the owner sat down with us and talked about Italy and his experiences in America with us, and made us some great real Italian pasta!! It was amazing!! If I could chose one place to go back to, this would definitely be on the top…

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Rugs and riches – Abu Dhabi Sheik Zayed Masjid interiors

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

lamps, chandeliers
carpets of thousand colours
granite, marble tiles,
mother Earth riles
such expense
at whose cost
piercing million holes
extracting more and more
humanity living folklore
happily ever after

I have shown you through my humble lens the outside of the majestic Sheikh Zayed Masjid, let’s now see the colour of interiors and fascinating patterns. Absolutely amazing human creation. There is a bit more thought provoking poem at the top on how humanity is using earth treasures, it’s minerals, energy assuming this will last forever. Have we thought about sustainable solution for our future generations.

20140102-054254 am.jpg

20140102-054308 am.jpg

20140102-054320 am.jpg

20140102-054332 am.jpg

20140102-054347 am.jpg

20140102-054759 am.jpg

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Paris is a fabulous city, you will never be short of things to do.  Stunning land marks, full of culture and not to mention delicious cakes.  I couldn’t put my camera down.

First Impressions

First Impressions:

To get to the centre of Paris from the airport we always get the train, which is pretty straight forward.  However, we then usually have to get the Metro to our hotel.  This is not a fun experience if you have large luggage cases.  It is an easy journey but if you don’t travel light it would be worth investing in a transfer.

The Hotel:

We stayed at ‘Hotel Sigure’, we chose this hotel as we knew it was in the perfect location for us during this trip.

The hotel was directly opposite a metro station which had access to the metro lines we would predominantly be using.  Across the road from the hotel was a…

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Chile Trip. Day Four. Walking Tour

glider's adventures

We had class till 4.30 PM today. Finally felt like I’m learning some Spanish. My teacher in the morning was great and we learnt introduction and I was actually getting some things right. Hooray!

After class we had a walking tour of Valparaiso. We got a bus into the city and then went into the hills and walked around there. We took the funicular up the hills, which was an experience! It doesn’t look safe or really feel 100% safe, but boy was it worth it. The views on it were breath taking!

Once into the hills our tour guide was telling us different parts of the history of the city. Graffiti was a big part and is seen as art in this part of the world. It’s mind boggling how they managed to paint the things they did.

We got to what seemed a viewing point and it was…

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Stanford University

It's Not Jenny

Stanford University (n): 1. A school where the first things that you will see are a row of palm trees leading up to the Memorial Church on a gorgeous campus. 2. The campus makes you feel like you’re in a different place. 3. Home of wonderful architecture. 4. Just 45 minutes to an hour away from San Francisco. 5. The school I wish I could attend if I lived on the west coast. 6. Stanford > Cal. End of story.

Crissy Field and Palo Alto_24Crissy Field and Palo Alto_28Crissy Field and Palo Alto_29Crissy Field and Palo Alto_33Crissy Field and Palo Alto_35Crissy Field and Palo Alto_36Crissy Field and Palo Alto_37Crissy Field and Palo Alto_40Crissy Field and Palo Alto_44Crissy Field and Palo Alto_50Crissy Field and Palo Alto_52Crissy Field and Palo Alto_54

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9 Weeks to Go


liz-13day5This year I am turning 50 and I wanted to do something BIG to celebrate this milestone in my life. I could hold a massive party in some exotic location and invite you all to attend….but I don’t really want gifts and a big party.

Instead I have chosen to step up and be “50 and Fearless” and undertake a trek to Base Camp Mt Everest, Nepal and go to Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, India.

This is a big physical and emotional challenge for me and I have been working to build up my fitness and my vision. Along the way I have enrolled 2 other inspiring woman to join me on this life changing adventure. Trish Barram-Flynn a Project Facilitator and Maria Johnston an Accountant and we are all from Brisbane, Australia.

So the three of us, have joined a program called Global Immersion to…

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