Jacob Meets Esau/Wrestles with God

He Bids Them Come

Hello again, friends!

Today’s story comes from Genesis 32 and 33.

So Jacob was running from Esau because he snuck away the blessing and the birthright (all the stuff and honor that was SUPPOSED to go to Esau). Esau was mad and wanted to kill Jacob, so he ran away. He was away a LONG time.

He got married and had a LOT of kids (just like God had promised.)

Eventually, God told him it was time to go back and he knew he would see his brother again. He sent a lot of gifts ahead to his brother…money and animals…and servants to say “Jacob is really sorry and he will serve you if you will just forgive him.”

Jacob prayed to God and asked Him to help him because he was scared of Esau. Jacob knew he could talk to God and God would help him. Even if we make…

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