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Jack Falahee – as Connor Walsh in How To Get Away With Murder

In the modern era of television and film there is a widening portrayal of the LGBT community.  Shows like How To Get Away With Murder have Connor Walsh, a gay law student who begins being the male ‘slut’ of the series, until he meets an unlikely companion in Oliver, with whom he kindles a serious relationship.  Oliver is down to earth, sensible man, who is also a bit of a nerd.  Whereas, Connor is outgoing, doesn’t want to settle down and basically cheats and lies in the early stages of the series.  It isn’t until later in the series (near the very end) that the core of their relationship is found.  This is during the brief storyline of their mutual HIV tests.  Connor admits he rarely used a condom during intercourse whereas Oliver did most of the…

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Tip #4



Your phone tells the time but it is not a watch, wear one.

Tip #4 Exposed:

Accessories will add a nice touch to what you are wearing, and a watch is basics when it comes to accessorizing. If you are going to go on the cheaper side when buying one get a leather band. A chain band will show a watches value so if its cheap it is going to look cheap.

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