I count on my steps


A path full of dark

A quest for the spark

I move ahead

I count on my steps

And I count on my steps.

I need to carry on

I pretend, I can hold on..

Keep my oil, store the water

Hold the air, hold the matter

I keep listening thunders

I keep dragging feet

Through darkest storms,

By mud and grudge

I keep galloping stones

When it shines over bridge

When it drips every sight

That showers from the height

Clouds’ canopy on my head

Moon plays to hide

I count on my steps.

When it gets too dark

When there is no light

When I feel it’s over

And eyes see no sight

When I stretch on my fuel,

When I count on my steps

I hear a voice

I see the eastern sun

I hold all pain

And suffering together

I feel the healing

I had longed forever

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“A woman, all her life”


Brick by brick
Wall by wall
She creates a home
In the universe hall

With bigger heart
When world’s small
She pours love
In the world’s gall

The fate is struck
Her life is on roll
She flies through hands
When feet crawl

She plants hopes
And everyday ploughs
To grow sun in her nights
And dry wet pillows

She swallows dark
She sees through dust
She smiles in the fog
Mist, and rust

She lives more a daughter
Mother and wife
Little does she live “a woman”..
All her life.


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“Truth of the dreams”


The dream of last night
I witnessed like real sight
I dragged to the window
I took a flight like kite

I felt my hands turned wings
On some feathers grown white
They took me to sky, higher than high
Above the clouds so bright

It infused me with magic
Like a potion, my soul drunken
Absorbed into the nature
I felt like a glittering icon

I shone through edges
I felt like a diamond
Hardened to roots
Yet chores softened

I travelled to a universe
I never of imagined
Folded my words
Where wings opened

Where senses felt
Depth of history
I saw what I had read
Coming through mystery

I saw everything
That I could ever ask for
I saw my soul at indefinable heights
That anyone could ever behold

Forever I shall remember
This power and zeal
A woman’s will, whenever broken
Repairs her shield

On the…

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“Hold this Stillness”


My heart slowed down
When I listened to whispers
Of conversation that heart had
With one’s disapproval’s child
Disagreed to disperse
Injected life in the wave indifferent
A particle of doubt was enough
To block its way to transcendent.

For my heart shrunk
It absorbed fluid
That only fed thoughts
Around its horizon
Emotional turbulence shook it
Shrinking it begot weaknesses
Distrust diffused toxins
Unkindness and distrust
Left the cubicle vacant.

A little friendly force
Unwanted thrust me hard
The urge to revive
Furrowed me deep
Dragged me from hallucination
Removed layers
From those eyes that filmed over
Haze, mist, sand, fog and
The clouds crescent.

That lighthouse
That saves the ship
With shine and warmth heals the holes
Clears the filth of stern and bow
Brings it back to sea floor
Lathers it spreads new vibes on old waves
Holding the vessel in tempest,
It mumbles to never…

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When you live it today!  


Unacceptable are

Those forbidden lies

Once spoken

Crunches the spirit

Every night


Indescribable are

Those ingrown jealousies

Knocked on once

Knocks brain out

On ground of reality


Inaccessible are

The shine that mornings wish for

Sleep that nights crave for

Dreams that birds fly for

Desire that

Once enters into soul

Leaves with soul


Irreversible are

The blown wind,

The passed storm

The empty cloud

The dried leaves of oak

The withered petals of roses

The last hour,

The ticked tacked clock

Once done,

Never undone


Only stays

The “moment in present”,

That refines all guilt,

Filters the mistakes from the sin;

Unshackles you from history

Gives chance to rethink, regret,

Redo, relive,

Create, nurture and regain

The new you inside out

Every other day

When you live it today!

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Paint ye today!


Paint ye paint!

your world every day,

paint ye today!

draw the lines of connection

of hearts

give a shade of love,


in the blank sheets,

paint ye today!

fill the colour of trust

in the canvas

of thee strange minds,

clean up the dirt

light up the faded

landscapes of memories,

the dimmed portrays,

hold up to the big strokes

of your brush

to refurbish

the sculpture

paint ye today!

a touch up

to enliven the past

in the present

can carve it,

emboss it,

shape it for tomorrow

Paint ye today!

brush it

to spruce it up

with new colours

of nature

of real world,

mix with water of innocence

oil of easiness, smiles and kindness

and cast in the universe

to free up

the locked

desire to paint

me soul revives life

revitalize the source of joys

replenish me energy

restore me hopes

revive me mind

remind me repaint

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“What is that String?”


A string
in many colours,
colours of love,
of desire to love again,
that increases
every second.
String that tied strong
without strangling,
without confusing,
that holds us
in the toughest times,

that balances
unstable state of minds.

String that connects
soul to souls,
earth to universe.

String that we can’t see
the weakest of all,
can still hold the toughest.

we can see it..

In a baby’s laughter,
when the baby knows father will catch,
when she is thrown in the sky.

In a son’s eyes,
when he knows mother will feed him,
when he is hungry.

On a sister’s face when she knows,
her brother is there to share and help,
when no one is there.

Not only in human
But in every creature,
in every living
and non living,
the string draws
the connection.
A string made web

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“Seed of life”


A seed,

that turned into

a vital tree,

has magnum of power

than a granule of dust

that contributed in a castle

a seed ..

that our soil of motherland

needed to sow

to grow trust

in all breeds

a seed

a land ever looked for

a seed

to hatch

to brood over

to believe to see

gushing out blood

from bottom to tips

spurting out courage

to fight

to drag dirt to pit

to kiss flag of truth

to run to prove and solve

the mystery of this race

to quench the thirst

of ages, of births

to eternally learn

to sustain and to merge

to know when to born or

when to die


to stop this cycle..

or to live or to die


there needed a seed

seed of forgiveness

that has grown more trees

that had begotten

another seed.. of trust

that we…

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It’s virtual but it’s real!


“Eh! You’ve got to be kidding me?”

“Am I just a Facebook friend to you now? And this you were trying to convey to me through your shady behavior from last one month?”

“Whatever, I don’t really care now. Don’t you ever talk to me again Mounik. And now I am going to block you on my Facebook and Whatsapp too. Don’t text me ever again. Arrghh Bye!”

A text conversation was finished with a red face smiley which was provided for such conditions in phone settings.

Smita just had a chat with one of her so called close friends, right before the moment she was found angrily sinking in her cozy bed and pretended sleeping.

“It is Monday tomorrow and I cannot deliver my work early morning if I keep thinking about this all.”

After two and a half hours, she was found restless. With a cracking sound of…

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stop playing magnet


your brain

a magnet

to the ore

to the filth

the waste

the brown matter

that have had your soul


to uncleaned core

to had you shaped

completely into new metal

a body

attached through

wires, filaments

sucking fuel

of fear, jealousy

insecure it developed

your centre

reactant to each wave


it made your centre

like a pool of magma

melting every fresh bud of desire

and dream

and turning into ashes


listen hey!

listen to the chants and prayers

coming through

chain of ignited souls

cool down your burning centre

receive the healing

through your veins

free your soul

from the chains

free from fake belief

this is a cage

that kept you apart from

every seed of empowerment

and enlightenment

come out of that metal

and train your senses

to feel touch of air

to listen to the eternal song

to taste love for all

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