Autocorrect, #2

Libby Broadbent

A couple of people have asked to be able to read the words to my youtube poem, “If Autocorrect were your teacher…”

So, here it is! Click the link here: Autocorrect to watch the video.

Thanks to everyone who is tweeting and sharing and liking… isn’t it ironic, but it’s quite fun too! 🙂

If autocorrect were your teacher…

Homework would be obsolete,

How bittersweet

To hit delete

When the teacher begins to browbeat

Your tormented soul with…


Knowledge is in the shiny wee device vibrating in your pocket.

Is that your phone, or are you just happy to see… your selfie?

With a plethora of gadgets beeping and clicking these days,

It comes to me, in my middle-aged haze,

That the youth of today are becoming dependent,

On a new form of teacher, so much more resplendent

Than I am… sporting my cardigan and pince-nez frames…

No one knows what…

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